Scratch Vet Pay

The Scratch Pay project aims to provide pet owners with a user-friendly online platform that quickly evaluates risk, determines credit ratings, and assigns appropriate interest rates based on online data. By offering simple and transparent payment plans, Scratch Pay ensures pet owners can afford necessary veterinary care without hidden fees or retroactive interest charges. The goal is to create a seamless and affordable financial solution that helps pet owners easily access reliable funding for their pets’ well-being.


Scratch Pay


Scratch Pay is a financial solution that partners with Vets and helps Users pay for Pet medical costs with low cost financing directly to the vets they partner with.


Vincent Tran


The expenses associated with pet ownership can lead to financial difficulties for compassionate pet owners. The current challenge lies in providing accessible financial solutions that address these hardships effectively.


The goal of Scratch Pay is to develop an intuitive and user-friendly online product that leverages online data to quickly evaluate risk, establish credit ratings, and assign suitable interest rates. By doing so, Scratch Pay aims to offer simple and transparent payment plans, devoid of hidden fees or retroactive interest charges. The ultimate objective is to provide pet owners in need with affordable and reliable financial options to ensure their pets receive the necessary care they deserve.

Scratch Pay Branding & Style Guide

Discovery & Ideation

White boarding Scratch Pay user experience, screens, and flow. Ideating with the design director on solutions and User experience.

Scratch Pay Landing Page For Customers

Main home page where Users will start to learn more about what Scratch, and understand the benefits for using their services.

Scratch Pay Landing Page For Vets.

Customer Mobile View

Vet Mobile View

Application Experience

Application experience for customers on how they can get financing through Scratch Pay.

Application States