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Graphic Design

For the modern man with metropolitan sensibilities, a new style code has just been born clean, crisp yet vibrant and individual. Remetee a contemporary Southland life-stlye brand that originated from one of the founders of Affliction Clothing, has been created by artists and visionaries to embody today’s free-thinking fashion philosophy.


Hand-made with custom detailing, each item in the line offers innovative fits, fabrics, and finishes that combine to create distinctive pieces in the vanguard of fashion. Set apart in its translation of style. Remetee captures the very essence and energy of those who live life on their own terms. Remetee continues to evolve in the fashion industry, pushing forward with a wide-range of jeans, clothing and accessories of unmatched quality and style.

Remetee E-commerce, Brand & Marketing Campaign

The Fall 2011 Remetee brand campaign was a dynamic and integrated marketing effort that combined digital and print media to showcase and promote the latest line of Remetee Clothing. The campaign encompassed a range of creative materials designed to captivate the target audience and generate excitement around the brand. Through a strategic blend of digital and print channels, the Remetee Marketing Campaign effectively communicated the unique style, quality, and appeal of the Fall 2011 collection.

Redesigned Remetee E-commerce Site

Remetee Fall 2011 Lookbook

Fall 2011 Lifestyle Photoshoot

Remetee Advertising Pamphlet

Remetee Promotional Board Shorts

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