Periodical built a robust system that’ll enable publishers of all sizes to create any kind of digital publication, and distribute it natively onto all their readers’ favorite devices. It’s also the absolute easiest way to sell subscription content on the web! Launching in beta with fully native distribution onto the Web, iOS, and Kindle. Periodical also supports selling subscriptions on the Web and iOS, and offer readers unified accounts so they can subscribe once and read anywhere at anytime.




Periodical, an early-stage startup, is dedicated to revolutionizing the e-reader and publisher industry. With a strong focus on providing innovative solutions, Periodical has developed a powerful system that empowers publishers of all scales to effortlessly create diverse digital publications and seamlessly distribute them across readers’ preferred devices.



Vincent Tran


Periodical’s existing app experience was very basic and lacked functionality and visual design. I was brought on to improve the UX, Interaction, and visual design of the app and create a user friendly experience for both Publishers and Customers.


The goal is to design a robust and user-friendly digital publishing platform that enables publishers to create and distribute digital publications of any type across all popular devices. The platform should provide fully native distribution onto the Web, iOS, and Kindle, while also allowing publishers to easily sell subscription content on the web. The priority of the design is ease of use for publishers, with intuitive and efficient workflows for content creation, curation, and distribution. Additionally, the platform should offer readers a unified account system that enables them to easily access their favorite publications on any device and at any time.

Periodical E-Reader App Redesign

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