New Matter Store

The New Matter Store was developed to address the challenges of the growing 3D printing industry, which has a steep learning curve and lacks user-friendly solutions for finding 3D designs that print properly on current printers. The store not only offers a range of 3D files that are compatible with the MOD-t printer, but also provides an easy-to-use interface for purchasing the MOD-t and its accessories.


New Matter


New Matter was founded with a mission to bring 3D printing to every home, school, and office. Led by its flagship product, the MOD-t desktop 3D printer, New Matter is poised to revolutionize the consumer 3D printing market by providing the first and only affordable, fully integrated, end-to-end consumer 3D printing experience.

Core Stakeholders

Founder, Product Manager, Engineering, Product Design

Design Lead

Vincent Tran


  • Non existing user-friendly consumer 3D printing experience
  • Lack of user-friendly solutions for acquiring 3D design files that are compatible with current printers.
  • Steep learning curve, for both new and experienced users to get started with 3D printing. 
  • Lack of a seamless marketplace experience to quickly start printing and selling designs. 


To create an easy-to-use and user-friendly online marketplace for purchasing and selling 3D files that are compatible with the MOD-t 3D printer, as well as for purchasing the MOD-t printer and its accessories, thereby facilitating the adoption of 3D printing technology and making it more accessible to a wider audience.


  • Create an e-commerce experience from scratch for the MOD-t printer, 3D files, and accessories.
  • Create first end-to-end consumer friendly 3D printing experience catering to the needs of both new and experienced users.
  • Attract both new and existing Artist and customers to the New Matter 3D printing eco-system.
  • Create and establish design system standards for New Matter overall product.
  • provide a hassle-free shopping experience, catering to the needs of both new and experienced users in the growing 3D printing industry.

Design System

Building a product from scratch requires a design system to help create consistency and scaleability across the product. Working closely with engineers, we developed a system that incorporates the brand identity and experience of a consumer friendly product.


From the start I collaborated with the New Matter product and engineering team to map the site structure and functionality of the New Matter Store page. With focus on identifying various use cases and strategically charting the envisioned user experience for the upcoming design and development phase.

Store Home Page

Front page of the New Matter e-commerce store where Users can purchase or get free design files uploaded by Creators.

Basic Interactions

Category Page

Page to help Users discover and browse designs on the store.

Product Detail Pages

Product detail page for designs and products.

Filament and Support page

New Matter Store Mobile

Mobile & tablet design for the Store.

Tablet View

Profile Page

Profile page for Creators and Users. Here they can manage their designs or purchases.

Checkout & Cart


The New Matter Store design garnered positive feedback from our early backers on Indiegogo, establishing a strong initial reception with post launch there was a demand for more advanced features and tools.

  • Following the launch, we witnessed a consistent week-by-week growth in traffic
  • Fast onboarding process from time it takes to create and account and log on for new and existing users.
  • Feedback from Users around user experience was largely seamless, with minimal reported issues.