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New Matter Dashboard & Printer Queue

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Product Design

New Matter was founded in 2014 with a mission to bring 3D printing to every home, school, and office. Led by its flagship product, the MOD-t desktop 3D printer, New Matter is poised to revolutionize the consumer 3D printing market by providing the first and only affordable, fully integrated, end-to-end consumer 3D printing experience.

New Matter Dashboard & Printer Queue

The New Matter store offers several user features, including the New Matter Dashboard and Printer Queue. These features were designed as a software companion for the MOD-t 3D printer, enabling both designers and users to manage their printer activities and track their progress.


Developed by a skilled front-end and back-end team, the Dashboard and printer queue allow users and designers to easily upload and purchase files, and send them directly to their printer queue for printing.


The platform is fully responsive, allowing you to connect your MOD-t 3D printer once and print from any mobile or desktop device via Wi-Fi or data. Additionally, you can manage your printer, load and unload filament, and monitor your print progress, all from within your user account. These features provide an unparalleled level of convenience and control for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Many 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals struggle to manage their printer activities and track their progress, leading to a lack of organization and efficiency in their workflow.


The New Matter Dashboard and Printer Queue were designed to provide an all-in-one web based software companion for the MOD-t 3D printer, enabling users to easily manage their printer activities, track their progress, and increase their overall efficiency and productivity.

Designer Dashboard

This dashboard provides designers with a comprehensive platform to monitor the popularity and sales of their designs. Additionally, it offers a semi-social media experience that enables designers to track their followers and respond to feedback messages.

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Dashboard Mobile & Tablet Experience

Printer Queue

This MOD-T Printer Queue feature allows designers to print directly from the web using any device with an internet connection, regardless of their location. This allows designers to queue up printing jobs remotely and track their progress. Additionally, this feature eliminates the need for designers to download any additional software, making it easier for them to set up their printers and start printing right away.

Designers and Buyers will also have the ability to do minor adjustments here without the need to additional 3D software. This allows Designers and their customers to adjust as needed to print properly on their devices.

Printer Setup Guide



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