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IFSA Butler Study Abroad Website & Guide

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Vincent Tran


UX & UI Design

IFSA Butler Website

The website redesign project for IFSA Butler. The goal of the site is to provide better support for students looking to study abroad. The design and development involved is a complete overhaul of the website from scratch, making it mobile responsive and more user-friendly.


The primary objective was to simplify the navigation and make it easier for students to find the information they need to plan their study abroad journey. The revamped website not only serves as a platform to gather information about studying abroad but also provides comprehensive support services throughout the process, including on-site support to help students maximize their experience. Overall, the website redesign project successfully achieved its goal of creating an intuitive, engaging, and informative website that supports students in their quest to explore the world.

Discovery and Ideation

IFSA Mobile Web

IFSA Landing Page

Location information landing page, helping student learn more about the study abroad program in any specific location.


Program Detail and Application Page

More details about the program including curriculum, providing students with all the information they need to make an informed decision about studying abroad, including tips for researching study abroad options, and what to expect before applying to a study program.

Student Program Discovery Guide

This guide is designed to help student who’s interested in studying abroad but isn’t sure where to begin, this guide is designed to help them navigate the process.


The guide offers step-by-step instructions for identifying study abroad goals, selecting a suitable program, and applying for admission that meets their criteria.

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