About me.

I am California based Product Designer, I’ve been designing digital product experiences for over a decade. I enjoy solving complex problems and turning them into delightful experiences for humans, and maybe Ai when they take over.

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Making things Human.

I craft experiences, whether its from my desk or on a workbench, for me design is in everything I do it’s apart of my DNA. WebMD said that maybe of some concern.

My process.

I utilized a standard double diamond design process because of it’s flexibility to adapt to any project scenario. This allows me to expand and get detailed or be lean and fast as I run from a hungry bear.


My inspiration.

Simply put, the world around, looking upward and outward. Design is everywhere and everything. We create our own experiences and share in other’s, except when I get lost in the woods.

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Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

caught in a landslide,

no escape from reality