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The New Matter Store created as a companion to the MOD-t 3D printer. This was a place where designers and users would go to easily purchase and sell 3D files that are used to print to the MOD-t. They can also buy the MOD-t 3D printer and accessories.

Problem: 3D printing is a growing industry and has a high learning curve. There is not many friendly and easy to use solutions to finding 3D designs that print properly or even work on current 3D printers as well as easy to use printers availble for an affordable price.

Solution: The store was designed to mimic how user friendly the MOD-t is. The new matter store has a modular and simple design with a more open visual design. Easy to navigate, use, and make purchases to help users and designers to get start printing and selling quickly. Creating an simple user experience and interface for the store was essential in providing a way for anyone new or already familiar to 3D printing to get up and started right away without the hassle of many of the current 3D printing experience.