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During development of the New Matter store. There was a need for a feature set that allowed users and designers to view uploaded or store bought designs. The 3D viewer was developed alongside the store as an integral part of the the store, allowing the ability to preview 3d files before they were bought or sent to be printed.

The 3D viewer also had a in depth user tutorial for those new to 3D printing or anyone wanting to know how to use the feature. Developed with simplicity and ease of use, the 3D viewer also had advanced features providing information about every 3D file with the ability to make adjustments to the size and preview the object in various colors before printing.

Working alongside a 3d web developer, we created the viewer to work along the responsiveness of the features of the store, integrating it throughout allowing users to preview design files on any device and among many parts of the site to basic previews, uploading files, and limited editing of 3d design files.